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Specna Arms

Specna Arms, one of the leading airsoft manufacturer that has everything from great starter guns to high end pre-upgraded airsoft replicas. 

Browse the specna sortiment and pick up you new primary today! 

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About Us! 

The last airsoft shop you will need.

We are determined to provide four things:

 - Quality guns

 - Competitive prices

 - Fast delivery

 - Expert 24/7 customer support

Visit our shops! 


"Suosittelen lämpimästi! Ammattimaista sekä tehokasta palvelua ja korkealaatuisia tuotteita. Ostin bolle lasit, tilaan jatkossa tästä lafkasta kaikki airsoft tuotteet"

- Jonathan Lindholm


"Ordered online, did not intially get a dispatch email. Emailed them to get a response within 10 minutes. Would recommend." 


- Bartek Grudzinski


"Great indoor CQB course and a shop with a large assortment of lights, grips, tracers, and everything possible lull-lull :)
Best prices in Sweden in airsoft! :D
Friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you with all upgrades and installations on your airsoft guns.
Can only recommend this place wholeheartedly!"

- Kaiju Bear


"Shines through that they like what they do and do their utmost to make everyone else have the same fun. Absolutely fantastic and welcoming!" 


- Emilia Lundberg


"Wide range of both airsoft weapons and accessories.
Really nice staff and skilled mechanics!" 


- Hay Fever


"Friendly welcome, expert staff, and really good atmosphere! Highly recommended" 


- Tim Uhlenius

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