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Welcome to VeloxAirsoft Åland
Do you want to try airsoft for the first time, or are you a veteran player and want to start playing weekly? We play both for fun and also as a serious team.

How to join? 
On the bottom of the page you can see a game calendar, and a form. When you see a date that suits you, fill in the form with information about yourself and the date you will be participating.

Where do we play? 
On Aland Islands we collaborate with paintball RF and have two fields in Karrböle one paintball field and one airsoft dedicated woodland course. 

The address to the field is: Karrböle - Jomala 22150 - Paintball events
For google maps directions to the field click here
We arrange games every week


Play Areas!


- Sundays we focus on fast paced games at the paintball field!

- Wednesdays we play scenario games on the woods field!

We gather at the areas we focus on each day so on Sundays we have the loadout at the paintball field and on Wednesdays we gather in the Woods loadout zone. click here

Don't own an airsoft gun? Rent one from us!
We have a big collection of rentals if you don't own an airsoft! If you like the weapon you rented, you have the opportunity to buy it. If you want to try a weapon you'r interested in buying, you can play with it and see if it suits your playstyle.

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