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Events at VeloxAirsoft

Are you planning and corporate event? An stag party? Or do you just want to do something different with your friends? 

Get prepared for the ultimate day full of action, Velox events are here for you! 

What is airsoft

Airsoft is the ultimate action-sport where you get to use the most realistic replicas to play against your friends or colleagues. All VeloxAirsoft rentals and event replicas are licensed by Kalashnikov or COLT which guarantees an realistic feel to the sport. Airsoft replicas fires biodegradable PLA BBs with a force of approx. 1.5 joule which makes the players feel when they get hit but does not get hurt! 

Game modes includes TDM, capture the flags and much more, airsoft is suitable for corporate events, team building days, stag parties and much more! 

One event package includes

  • Replicas

  • Safety equipment 

  • Tags

  • A velox staff member as game leader if you want

  • 2 kilos of bio BBs (approx. 10 000 bbs)

You can choose any day of the week and whatever time suits you and your group, we will sort out the rest for you and help you with everything you need to have a blast on the field. Simply just fill out the form bellow and we will get back to you within a day.


  • Up to 10 persons - 35 € per person - 350 € in total

  • Every persons after 10 costs is an additional 25 € - Example: 14 people equals 450 €

  • Additional BBs can be bought at the field, 1 kilo biodegradable BBs - 15 €

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Get a quote for your event! 

Thank you

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