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Send us information about the repair or upgrade(s) you want to be done and we will get back to you with a quote! 


Repair starting cost: 20 € 

Additional cost per hour: 37.95 €

In addition to these prices there will be a cost of changed parts. Velox Airsoft will ask for your permission to make any changes or additional repairs so you can choose if it is worth it to repair your gun.


For an additional 10 € we will also shim your gun while repairing it. 

Here is a video which explains what shimming is: 


Shimming, maintenance and cleaning of your gun: 50 euro

Specification of workload: 

  • 20 € start fee

  • 37.95 € per every started work hour

  • Shims are included in our shimming service

Broken gears 

  • 20 € start fee

  • 37.95 € per every started work hour

  • 20 € for replacement of any kind gears

  • 20 € start fee

  • 37.95 € for every started work hour

+ Parts ( as on website)

Pack 1 Upgraded air-seal and spring: 99.95 €
Specification of workload: Upgraded piston, cylinder-head, cylinder, pistonhead, nozzle and spring of your choosing

Pack 2 Airseal + hop-up unit: 149.95 €

Specification of workload: Including pack 1 + full hop up, airseal and spring

Pack 3 Full upgrade: 249.95 €

Specification of workload:  Including pack 1 & 2 + hop, airseal and spring, barrel, mosfet

For specific customs or specific parts send us quote down below!

Fill in the form and recieve a price quote for the repair!

Thank you for submitting!

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