Wanna join an airsoft game or visit one of our fields?  Perfect! We many own many fields in Finland, Sweden and Aland and cooperate with many more!


Velox Skåne

In Nävlinge we have one of the biggest indoor CQB arenas in Sweden at 1600 square meters full of awesome close-quarters battle

Joule limits: 

1.1 joule or 110 m/s 

You can visit us at: 

KROKARÖD 2428 - 288 93 Nävlinge - Sweden

Velox Karrböle

In Karrböle we have a paintball field for CQB action and a woodland field for long distance games! 

Joule limits:

AEG and automatic weapons: 1.6 joule

Semi-Automatic, pistols and DMR: 2.25 joule
Bolt-action or shell ejecting weapons: 3 joule

Side-arms and pistols for close combat: 1.2 joule

Strandgatan 1 C - 22100 Mariehamn - Aland Islands